My 10 days old son recognized with 7.8 mm ASD

hi i am living in gujarat india. we got healthy baby boy on 27/10/2018 after 9 months of pregnancy by normal delivery. we all were very very happy but 2 days after his birth we found jaundice and went to a doctor for normal checkup. during his checkup dr. found some murmur in heartbeat and told us to go for ECHO. in ECHO report dr. found out one large 7.8 mm ASD with left to right shunt moreover there is also presence of tiny VSD and PDA in his heart. we were in shocked moment at that time because no one had this type of problem in our family before. after showing report our dr. told us that small size VSD is not a problem for us but ASD is somewhat large so we have to wait and watch for 6 months to a 1 year because there is possibility to heal/recover holes on its own and nothing to wory about it now because many children’s have this type of problems and 60% - 70% of them recovers on its own. i am continuously searching on internet about this defect and finding some hope for my baby. please someone suggest what i have to this normal or serious issue?? we are also going to a cardiologist this month. currently he is not facing any type of problem except fast breathing some time.

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Dear bhavin,
Being a parent i understand your situation.But having an ASD of this size at birth is not something to worry about.As your doctor said it is better to wait for 6 months or 1 year .In most of the cases it will close by its own.
I am 34 and i had a 3.1cm ASD …i lived with it for this much years without any issues. I had it closed a few months back and i am back to my regular life .So there is not much to worry about.If you need i can give you my doctor’s contact details so that you could seek his advice too.

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Thanks gaurav, for your valuable support and reply. It feels better now after reading your experience and recovery. and yes please share your doctors contact detail so that i can get advice of him. we have contacted many doctors of our city also and most of them told us the same. So we decided to wait and watch at least 6 months…i hope it recovers on it own.

Hi hw s ur baby nw?