2 days baby found ASD

My 2 days boy baby found with the ASD 8-9 mm. Please suggest what to do?

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I do not have ASD, I'm just a helping hand here, but this is a great place for info and support and hopefully the members will respond to you soon.

I send my very best wishes for health for your little one!


Hi Vivek

My baby boy was also born with an ASD in 2012. We only found out when he was 8 months old. My suggestion is to get him to a good cardiologist, who can assess and suggest what to do going forward. If the ASD is seen as life threatening, they will know what to do. My son had open heart surgery in February this year at 1 year and 2 months old because he was growing poorly and generally his health was bad. He is doing much better now and I can truly say having his ASD fixed was the best choice.

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Hi Vivek:

Was your son a preemie ? If so his ASD may close on it's own. My oldest one was a preemie and had ASD at birth. Luckliy by the time she was 10 weeks old it had closed on it's own. Hopefully this is the case for your son.

Thanks SK, Natasha and Grammie for your valueable suggestion and support. As our nursery Dr. said currently there is no harm but after some years it could create trouble and this wouldn’t close on it’s own based on it’s current ECHO report. My son born in the week of 37.

Dear Vivekji,

Not to worry. My daughter had also gone through a surgery for 7mm ASD and PAPV in Care Hospital, Hyderabad by Dr. B.R.Jagannath. She is now well. Only thing now you have to do is to reach on a proper hand and right suggestion.

Hello Vivek,

I have been wondering about your baby. I hope that your little boy is getting good care and is thriving!

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Thanks SK for your wishes, he is fine for now, Dr. Suggested not to worry at this moment have a regular check up with paediatric cardiologist for his suggestion and based on that proceed further. We’re keeping an eye if there would be any complications else after 3 months we would consult some good paediatric cardialogist till then we are keeping our fingers crossed.

I’ll be keeping mine crossed too! Your baby son is surely on my wish list!

We visited one of the good pediatric cardiologist after around 3 months and based on the recent echo test we found ASD has been reduced to 4-5 mm as compared to earlier 8-9 mm naturally. And Dr. replied that there are good chances this can be reduce/close automatically till that we need to do regular follow ups and he cannot take immediate action till 2-3 years.

We are keeping our fingers crossed till that time and will visit to Dr. after 6 months.

Hi Vivek,
Glad your little one is doing well and you are following it. That is a pretty small hole and may close on its own. Which I am sure the doctor has told you. You just don’t want any symptoms to show up like easily fatigued or not growing well. A lot of smaller holes close on their own but any hole can cause symptoms. Don’t treat your baby different but keep all the heart doctor appointments.
Thanks for the update and please keep us posted. You got some good advice on the site. A lot of us have been thru this for ourselves and loved ones.
Thanks, Linda

How is your son and your family doing, Vivek? We haven't heard from you in a while.

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Thanks for your wishes Seenie. My son is fine and growing normal as other growing babies. Based on our last discussion with the Doctor he suggested to have next checkup after 2-3 years. So we decided to visit again when my son will be age of 2.



Modsupport said:

How is your son and your family doing, Vivek? We haven't heard from you in a while.

Best wishes,


That is wonderful to hear, Vivekji. Please remember to post here when you know more: it's really helpful for people to bring their story up-to-date, especially if the news is positive. People post when the going is rough, but it does us all good to know that people get through difficult times. Best wishes for continued good health!


Hello! My son was diagnosed with ASD during his 2 month checkup. I'll admit that I don't know everything there is to know about ASD, but I will be glad to share what I have learned. When infants are diagnosed, doctors usually like to give the hole in the heart a chance to close on its own. Right now this is what we are hoping for with my son--we go back for a check up in March. If the hole can close on its own (which happens quite often) then your son won't need any further treatment. If the hole gets smaller, his doctor may suggest that nothing needs to be done (surgery) because the hole is too small to cause any significant harm. However, if the hole doesn't close and surgery is needed, usually ASD can be treated with a minor surgery using a catheter inserted into a vein which leads to the heart. The catheter will have a device which will act as a plug to close the hole. If that option is not available, then open heart surgery is a last resort. However, from what I have been able to read, ASD is very treatable and with proper care there should be no long lasting effect which would harm your son. I know that this is scary, trust me, but for now you should enjoy your son. Love him and cherish him and try not to worry too much. There are things out there far worse than ASD, so try to look at it as a blessing that your son has something which is treatable. I'll be keeping you and your son in my thoughts!

Did the doctor prescribe any medicine

Dear Saiful,

Doctor has not yet prescribed any medicine. Last time when we met him he suggested to wait for 2 years and then do the echo test again to see the state. We now decided to check this again in the month of September when he turns 2.



Saiful said:

Did the doctor prescribe any medicine

Hi anyone’s asd closed in followup

Hi Vivek did ur baby asd closed?

I have learned most ASD can close by 2 years of age on their own. If it is causing other medical conditions, then you might want to have it closed prior to then. I would defiantly have a Ped Cardiologist follow your baby till it is confirmed to be closed with no leaks through a bubble echo.

Mine was not found until I was 46. If it would have been found in childhood and fixed, it would have prevented years of digestive diseases, migraines, and organ failures as well as breathing issues. Mine never even began to seal and was killing me this year.