Was wondering — all of the news articles I’ve read on coronavirus state that those with a “heart condition” or “cardiovascular disease” have a much higher fatality rate. Is someone with a repaired ASD considered to have a “heart condition” or “cardiovascular disease”? Thanks.

Hi L,

It all depends if the heart remodelled after ASD repair and there is no pulmonary hypertension and normal sinus rhythm.

If there are still cardiac issues in terms of function or rhythm or pulmonary hypertension, then that would qualify for cardiac condition and could make someone more susceptible to getting sicker with Coronavirus potentially.

I believe it’s still considered a congenital heart condition, but not cardiac disease which is different. My arteries are fine and my heart is very strong, there just happened to be a large hole that was sending unfiltered blood flowing the wrong way. I had repair almost 2 years ago but my Cardiologist has determined that I am at high risk for complications of Covid. You should ask your Cardiologist about your own situation.