IS here someone who has uncorrected asd?

That the diagnosis is clear but you do not need a surgery for now?

In March 2014 I was diagnosed with a small ASD. Cardiologist said it was not "hemodynamically significant" so I have not had any procedures done to fix it.

I was diagnosed with an ASD and Atrial Septal Aneurysm about a month ago. I’ve been very worried about both but mainly the ASA which is a floppy septum. The Drs (I’ve been to two cardiologists) don’t want to do anything about them.

Same, diagnosed with 5.0 mm ASD and ASA. It’s not a needed repair, although it is borderline, as the AHA recommends repair more than 5 mm. I need to get yearly echos to make sure it doesn’t worsen, although I am borderline pulmonary hypertensive and have diastolic dysfunction. Here’s to hoping our docs are correct :slight_smile: