Do you also experience heart palpitations?

I am wondering if anyone of you experience heart palpitations. What do you think is causing it? How do you manage it?

I have not had any type of surgery yet but I have found that Natural Calm helps with palpitations. It’s just magnesium but you add it to water or juice. Iyou can find it at whole foods or health food stores. Hope this helps!

Hi Mary,
If your palpitations are often and especially if your heart beat is totally unrythmic you should consult your doctor.Everyone can experience palpitations (asd or not) and most of the times it doesn’t mean anything and isn’t dangerous and doesn’t need some kind of treatment.But if you have certain types of arythmias (heart palpitations) you need specific medicine. Your doctor might suggest a long time ECG registration in order to see what kind of heart beats cause your palpitations.
Hope this helps without stressing you.

thanks everyone! I was brought to the ER last December due to severe palpitations. I was having a fever and I reckon my heart just gave in.,and because I felt that my body was so heavy that time.. My doctor gave me Carotene massage (not sure of the spelling) and Diltiazem, to calm it down.. I reached 259 BPM, sometimes more than that and i felt like choking. Oh i'd never want to be in an ambulance again..

Could you fill me in on what you originally experienced with lymes and how it began to affect your heart? My symptoms started with lots of what doctors call "strange symptoms" more like neuro symptoms then moved directly to the heart but it took Er appt. to find an ASD. Then, later I continued to have problems and know that I think the only thing in the WORLD they have not checked is lymes. Go figure!!! I asked about it. AND, at the first appointment I said could this be my heart and it still took two years to get to the bottom of the heart issues. Thanks for your time! Just curious....