I survived! But is this normal?

Yay! I’m alive, they fast tracked me from oir to itu as I was doing so well, and was on a ward by day 2! I’m now walking the ward (slowly) and all drains ect are out.

Just a bit of advice, I had a bad reaction to the morphine drip. Made me swell up and I had chronic migraine. They swapped it to the pill and anti sickness and although it got rid of the nausea, the migraine was so bad I was screaMing. They’ve took me off or and put me on paracetamol and ibprofine which seems to be helping. But I’ve still got a headache and I’m feeling really dizzy. My main concern though is the constant palpitations I’m getting. They are really bad!! Some of them take my breathe away Nd really hurt!

They put me on a little box type machine thing that’s wired to me but haven’t looked at it atall… Just wondering if this is all normal??
Also my stomaches swolen quiet a bit xx

WELL DONE!!!! I knew you would be ok! I had quite bad palps after surgery and they put on me a betablocker to calm them but I was told that the heart doesn't like being interferred with and goes a little crazy and it takes a few months to settle down, the pack could be a 24 ecg tape monitor so they can see how often you are getting them and if they are regular in pattern, sounds strange but apparently if they are regular then they are safe its only if they are irregular then they have to do something to stop them as they can cause problems. I still get occasional flutters but to be honest I hardly notice them anymore and came off the beta blockers about 8 months ago as they made me so tired! When they were bad though it was the scariest feeling like you I lost my breath and my poor partner would panic and be nearly ringing an ambulance everytime. Try to lay of the caffine too for abit as that makes them stronger and more frequent as well. They cut through my stomach muscles to put in the chest drains and I was swollen and sore for a good few days but with my sternum break it kinda took the enphasise off pretty much everything else. Also I couldn't tolerate morphine either made me as sick as dog so I quickly changed to IV paracetamol then tablets when i was discharged.

So glad you are ok, give your daughter a huge hug and look forward to rest of your lives together and remember to give yourself time as it is a long healing process, think they told me around 6 months to a year for everything to settle down and heal fully. x x