Anyone been struggling with atrial fibrillation from food consumption? What type of foods are you eating? I have lost about 40lbs over the last 8 months since a-fib started becomig a real problem.

Hi Wally! I do not have afib but do have an unrepaired ASD. I’m not an expert in nutrition but believe food is medicine! I’ve researched afib, well everything in relation to the heart it seems;). I have found that staying away from caffeine, alcohol, sodium and trans fats can be very beneficial. Also you may want to make sure you have your potassium and magnesium levels checked. I was deficient in both and iron. Natural Calm (google it) was so helpful to me when I was having heart palpitations. Just some FOOD for thought :wink:

Also, do you have a lot of gluten in your diet?

Thanks RRod for you reply. Alot of whet you wrote confirms what I suspected to be true. I am not celiac but I have been GF for about a year now. Going to check out Natural Calm. Bye for now.