Mitral Valve Regurgitaion

I had an ASD/PFO repair in 2012 and have been doing well. I recently requested medical records from my primary care physician (we recently moved and I am trying to find a new doctor), as I was reading over them (yes, I know big mistake), but as I was looking over my most recent Echocardiogram I noticed that they made note of 'mild mitral valve regurgitation' and 'mild tricuspid valve regurgitation". I am wondering if anyone has had the same or similar experience. I have a follow up appointment in October with a new cardiologist and I will be taking him a copy of my records with a list of many questions. None of my previous physicians have ever mentioned anything about the regurgitation, probably because it is mild and not of any major concern. But it would be nice to be informed. Does anyone have experience with either of these issues? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Kimberlee,
My tests since Amplatzer repair show a mild
Tricuspid and mitral regurgitate also. I think the heart does that in response to repair as it has had to compensate for the hole( or holes) for such a long time before we get repaired. I was repaired 10/31/13. Since I’m not a doctor I’m not sure but yes it is not good to read MDs reports. I keep doing research and still don’t understand it all. I think we know best how we feel. My cardiologist says my heart is now" heart healthy"! Good luck with the new MD. I found it hard when I left my PCP in New Jersey and moved here in Florida. Linda