My 32 month update

Hi all, here is an update about my health since I underwent the procedure in July 2016.

There is a marked improvement in that I dont feel like there is a loose part when I bend forwards and neither do I feel as breathless as I used to in between. I think this also has to do with the diet I follow and the loss of a little weight has helped me.

While there is mild discomfort when I turn in my sleep and I do get breathless while doing physical work it is less alarming as it used to be earlier.

Hope you find this encouraging and helpful.


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So good to hear
Onward and upward

If possible, I’d recommend you start swimming to gently increase your cardio stamina. I feel you could get to a level where you wouldn’t get breathless anymore short of a series of wind sprints. Just take an hour out of your day, no matter what the schedule (maybe start with it) and swim as far as you can. Your tolerance to physical activity will go through the roof. Good luck on the remainder of your recovery. If you cannot swim, try jump rope.

Check with your doctor first, of course!