Question about multiple small ASD

had a mini stroke two months ago. I was released from the hospital on Plavix and aspirin. I was sent for tests including a TEE. They found what they explained was a "significant" PFO. I was then scheduled for percutaneous closure. During the procedure the surgeon discovered that it was not one large PFO but multiple small ASD's. Because of this the device was not put in. I am really confused now. I was told to stay on the Plavix for a year and then they would probably take me off. How did the TEE show "significant" shunting but then the cath show not so significant a problem?

Hi Janie,

I think you should seek a second opinion. My findings were similiar to yours in that my holes were numerous and therefore I was unable to have the percutaneous procedure but instead required open heart surgery. I'm not suggesting that you need OHS at all (I am no doctor), but I do agree that it is odd that you have a significant shunt in theory yet require no treatment.

Are you seeing a cardiologist who is specialized in adult congenital heart issues?

Good luck.

Hi Ellen,

Thank you for your reply. I will get another opinion. The cardiologist I saw is one of only two in Alabama who perform this procedure. I liked him very much but feel confused because he told us he is very selective as to which patients he works on and that my shunting was "significant". I do appreciate that he did not do a procedure that he felt might cause more harm if he forced it. Naturally, my fear is a second stroke. I am so glad I found this forum! Thanks again, Janie

I think if you have significant shunting you should be treated.

When you start having severe shunting it puts alot of strain on your heart and this can cause a ripple effect.

Enlargement of the heart, pulmonary hypertension, etc. I agree that you should get a second opinion.

I had ASD surgery last year to stop the shunting. Now my oxegenation has improved but I am still dealing with the enlargement of my heart.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

I really appreciate hearing from you. I will look for another cardiologist to get another opinion. Many thanks! Janie

what is shunting . I'm getting my asd closed in a couple of weeks. scared 2 death

I believe it means un-oxygenated blood is flowing through the opening (ASD) before it goes to the lungs. Janie

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give an update. I had my 2nd opinion appointment today and I am scheduled for a 3D TEE in two weeks. If at that time it appears they can close the holes they will do it the same day. If it looks like they can not successfully close them I will continue with Plavix and aspirin.

Hi Janie,

I too, had a mini stroke. If it wasn’t for the stroke, my ASD would not have been discover.
I was frighten. After all this is my heart. I sought a second opinion. My ASD was repaired. It’s been ten months, and I am feeling great. Please seek a second opinnion. Best wishes.

Thank you for sharing your story. It helps so much!

Hi Janie,

Happy to hear, you are scheduled for a second opinion.