Size of asd increase in my child

Hello I m a father of 5 month son diagnosed ASD and PDA on his 3rd day.on his 10 the day echo PDA was closed and ASD reduced from 3 mm to 1.8 mm.on next follow up echo 1 month later size again increased to 3 mm.after 1.5 month on his next follow up echo size again increased to 5.7 mm.and this is large asd.,right heart dilated with development of pulmonary prescribe him frusemide, my question is why his ASD size so rapidly increasing in infancy?if anyone have similar experience? We r totally heartbroken and pray to Almighty for spontaneous closure

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No answer given!I m totally helpless!

Saiful, I cannot imagine what a worry this must be for you. I'm sorry there hasn't been much of a response from the good people here: the board has been very quiet lately.

I will see whether I can stimulate a bit of discussion for you. Perhaps there is a member who has had a child with similar problems. We will see.

Take good care. You are in our thoughts.

Seenie from Moderator Support

I’m sorry I can’t give you advice. In my experience with my children who were all born with ASDs the size did seem to vary in size with each echo. A couple of times we were even told it had closed to only find out later that it hadn’t. My cardiologist explained to me that sometimes they just don’t get a great look during the echo. Good luck and I hope everything works out for your son.

I am so sorry to hear this. My daughter was born with an ASD, her PDA never closed. She was not on meds after she was 3 months old bc she was showing no symptoms. Hers had to do with am AVM she has on her brain as well. This affected the size of her heart. Possibly see if there could be another underlying issue. I will def keep you and your family in our prayers.

Chloe's Mommy and Kyme89, how old, and how are your kids now?


Hi there,
So sorry that you are going through this. I do not have any experience with asd’s in children. I had my asd closure a year and a half ago and I know firsthand how stressful it is to have so much uncertainty, so many questions and no concrete answers. I will keep you and your baby in my prayers. God is good don’t lose hope.

Hi … I am so sorry that u n your baby are going through so much pain . I’ve no experience with asd in children as well but all I can tell u is the doctors here are wonderful . They try their best to help over Come the pain and progression of the condition . I’ve been operated at the CHOP in Philadelphia , dr Stephanie fuller was my surgeon . I couldn’t have asked for anything better . Above all trust in God , he will do the best for you . Be positive . Will keep u n ur baby in our prayers .

Hello Saiful
I have a 3 yearold toddler girl who was born extremely premature at 27 weeks. She had asd 4mm, vsd 3 mm and pda as well. She was in NICU for 3 months with oxygen supply and had hard days with apneo, stopped heart and CPR. At 1 year checkup asd had increased to 7-9mm but fortunately pda and vsd had closed spontaneusly. Doctor at Sydney childrens hospital said baby is growing, so heart is growing and some babies’ hole doesnt close and needs asd closing procedure. We decided to wait a bit, because she was growing very well. Now she is 3 year 2 months old, very bright, tall gorgeous girl. The hole was measured 1.3-1.5cm a year ago, but 2 weeks before we had dr visit and hole was measured 7-9mm, so we are hoping it is decreasing. Dr was japanese from Heart saving project and said her condition is good and can wait until adulthood 16-20 yearold(in Japan they do this way) if arterial pressure not causing problem. We will have half yearly checkups until it closes :slight_smile:
I have heard and seen many babies toddlers who had asd hole and had closing procedure. It takes 30 minutes and can go home next day, little scar on groin area heals within few days. My girl is very very active and strong girl,height is always on 90-95% since 4 months old, jumps everywhere like gymnast and incredibly bright. No one would know she has a hole.
We think we are lucky having asd only, vsd is complex and may need open heart surgery.
Pray, always have a hope and everything will be good.

Hi Saiful…
I am Rahul from India. I am father 2 year old son. My LO was dignosed with 12mm ASD on his 5th month. 1 year back one cardiologist reorded ASD size as 17-19 mm in Echo. As second opinion we got him checked anothe cardiologist who found ASD size as 12- 15 mm. Both cardiologist told him to treat after 2.5 years age. Both cardiologist did not recomanded him any cardiacedicine. However his PED advised him Furoped but we discontinued this now. He was 9.8 kg on his 2nd birthday. We feel his weight gain is much slower but doctor told not to worry about this as long as he is active and doing well. Doc told 5-8 mm ASD closes spontaneously most of times. Take care of diet. Give diet rich in Iron and protien…Hope you will find this info useful.

Saiful, we haven't heard back from you, and we are wondering if everything is all right with your family. When you have a moment, please post and let us know how things are with you.


Tx everyone for b supportive.Zay and Rahul ur story gives me strength.actually the size of ASD increasing,so here in Bangladesh doctor predict it suppose to not to close spontaneously and the fact disappointed us.BT ur story gives me hope and we should obviously wait atleast 2 yes if it reduce or not.we r planning to go to India next year for check up…my son is growing a bit slowly.only 6 kg at 5 months.we r waiting for next echo which will have done on next month.pray for my child.thanks to all

You and your sweet child are in our thoughts, Saiful. We hope that you will stay with us here and keep us informed of how you are getting along.

Thanks for the note!

Hi Saiful. My son Zarif also had ASD and PDA at birth. PDA closed at 1.5 months age. ASD size reduced from 8mm to 4.7 mm but again increased to 5 mm. Now he is on frusemide 0.3 ml in the morning. He was born 4 kg and now at 2 months age 6.5 kg.
I dont know how many days this medication is needed. Doctor said when size will be 3 mm or less then pressure on lungs will reduce and so medication can be stopped. His electrolytes came derranged where sodium being 129 and potassium 6. After 10 days gap of the medication sodium normal and potassiym still high.
Pray for both. Waiting for a reply.

I know this is old Post BT want to know did ur child asd closed naturally?

With the grace of Almighty, his last Echo was good.

Good praying god ur lo should b fn …can I know wat s d size of asd nw