ASD-PDA complex in a newborn

My son just after birth had breathing problem not recovering with oxygen. Echo was done on his 3rd day of age. It revealed atrial septal defect of 8 mm and patent ductus arteriosus of 4 mm. The neonatal cardiologist at Apollo hospitals dhaka prescribed ibuprofen to close the PDA and it did. Then after 10 struggling days in apollo icu he was brought home.
On folow up echo done 2 days later showed reopening of PDA 2.5 mm and ASD same. Tab. Frusemide plus was prescribed.
Then again echo was done on 23rd day oof age and Alhamdulillah ASD size reduced to 4.6 mm and PDA 2.2 mm. Medication dose was reduced.
Is anyone here in this group has ASD with PDA? And would you share your experience please if any?