Sudden pain, discomfort and uneasiness

Alright, here I want to share with members that I get these occasional sharp pains, a weird tightness (?) i am not sure, but definitely a jab of pain in the chest i think. This too has been going on since after my surgery. I dont know what it is and doctors think it is imagination. I think it is an after effect of surgery that we are supposed to live with. Is this something that others experience? How do you deal with it? Did you speak with the doctor? What did the doctor say?

Ash - how long ago did you have the closure? What meds are you taking?

Hi JJ, It’s been about two years now. I was diagnosed at 46 years . I am not taking any meds for ASD now. Only for hypertension and diabetes.

At that time I was on Ecosporin for about a year.