What is the worst thing about being sick?

Hi Everyone

Just wondering - what have you found to be the worst thing about being sick?

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Seems to me you would be a good authority on this subject, dkel. What is the worst thing for you? From my experience in hospitals, I would say that for me the sleep deprivation is the worst. I wake up at every little thing, and never can rest properly in a hospital. I was in the hospital for a week once and lost so much sleep I started hallucinating. I didn't tell anyone, though, because I just wanted out.

I still remember mine -- there were skeletons marching across the wallpaper near the ceiling. Kind of like those Grateful Dead bumper stickers.... GRATEFUL DEAD XL RAINBOW SKELETONS IN LINE PATCH

KISS posters -- okay, now I am laughing... ELO was so much cooler....

LOL you two!

I haven't experienced the hallucinations yet, but considering some of the reasons I have been hospitalized, I would have surely welcomed them! I would not have mentioned them either, dancermom! ha!

I would put pain at the top of the list, followed by sleepness, and fatigue. Riding in the car is the most difficult thing to do, and I have always loved to 'be on the run'! They're all tough to swallow, aren't they?

My boys are still Steely Dan! Love 'em!

Good choice. :)