1 week after asd closure and dizzy, help


I had my closure procedure 1 week and 1 day ago, and everything was fine until last night.

I wake up dizzy at 1 am and lasted a couple of minutes, then went to bed, then at 3am I woke up dizzy again, I was about to call 911 but I waited and it sord of went away. At 8 am I woke up and I was dizzy again, 15 min latter I was fine so I head to work instead of the doctor.

It's 10 am and I feel fine (A bit sleepy for the lack of sleep).

I did not have anything else wrong other than being dizzy

I am trying to reach my cardiologist.

Has anyone has had this symptoms after the closure, should I worry?

I am taking plavix, aspirin and Ramipril.

I think slight lightheaded is what I have right now (I just read the symptoms and match)

As anyone been lightheaded a week after the procedure?

It is normal. The dizziness will slowly disappear.

I had episodes like that for a few weeks post procedure. I personally feel more recovery time is needed. I tried to go back to work. 5 days after mine and had to accept I was not ready. Hopefully before long you will feel great!

There are so many factors involved here that it's rather mind boggling. My repair was via Open Heart, so I can't imagine "a week". At that time frame, I was barely home. I suffered a lot of chills and had some vision issues. Lots of trouble sleeping, etc., but I don't actually remember being "light headed". That said, I don't think it's a surprising effect. I still maintain that cardiologists and surgeons in general do a horrible job of warning people that they really won't be climbing Mt. Everest two weeks after the repair. My advice would be to let your doctor know - NOW, not at the next visit. For one, it needs to be documented. I think you're probably well within the scope of "normal things", but I wouldn't let it go. It could be the medications.

I had the procedure through catherization, the whole time the doctor acted like this procedure was a piece of cake. I was a given a paper that said no restrictions, but no heavy lifting for one week. I did not receive a work excuse or anything. Every thing I told them about my job like I stood all day and heavy lifted seemed to be no big deal. They acted like I was getting a thorn removed. But today, I feel really tired , weak, and vision a little blurry. I feel like boo-boo. I feel like it more to be learned and every body is different and this procedure should not be taken lightly because I donot know everyone that’s alive without a heart.

John and Punkin, I hope that you are able to slowly and surely recover and be all the better for the surgery. Just please, listen to your body!

Wishing you well,


I agree - doctors seem to really downplay the significance of what is happening, but they are crippled by "best practices" that the AMA apparently determines, and thus insurances, etc. won't pay for you being out of work "disabled" and things like that. I would definitely ask them about all this. I don't think it's unusual, but neither should you be working, in my humble opinion.

bernard, I think you have it right there! It's just the way it works!

Hi, I had an asd closer over a year ago. I had the same symptoms. The meds were causing the dizziness. The palpitations was my heart trying to recoup. A year later my heart is starting to settle down and without the meds my dizziness is gone. I stayed home three weeks after my procedure because my body told me to rest. I had to leave the rat race for the reminder of the year and prioritize work and family because the meds would not let me function at top speed. I agree with everyone else, the doctors dont tell you clearly what to expect. Your heart was worked on, let your body recoup.Hoping a speedy recovery to you.


An update. It seems my period of dizziness was not related to the procedure and only lasted a day.

It has been a month since I got my procedure done and I feel great. i started running every other day 2 weeks after the procedure and this week started playing soccer again. Tomorrow I'm going back ice hockey.