Ventricular Tachycardia

So, I was just told that an even monitor caught an episode of ventricular tachycardia. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with this? I know arrhythmias are common, but I can’t find much about VT. My doctors gave me some Metoprolol and are hoping that closing my ASD will clear it up. If you do have it, did you have it before or after ASD closure? Did closing it help? What type of treatment have you had; ICD, just meds? Is it like other arrhythmias where it can be triggered by stress, caffeine, alcohol, etc?

My monitor caught some episodes of non-sustained VT when I was first getting worked up prior to finding my ASD. I was not treated with any meds prior to surgery. I have not had any arrhythmia issues since my ASD closure, although there is a chance that you could have an arrhythmia after closure. Some patients end up with atrial fibrillation after surgery, which is treated usually treated with medications. Stress, etc. that you listed can spark arrythmias. good luck.

Thank you, that is such a relief to hear. Most people that I’ve talked to didn’t have VT or continue to have it, although those are much more complex CHD’s than ASD. So, I’m very grateful to hear your story.

Mine was non-sustained too at 4 seconds and only one episode, although I have had the same arrhythmia prior to event monitor along with some minor PAC’s and PVC’s. My original cardiologist, an EP and my ACHD cardiologist are not too concerned about it, so I will take them at their word and hope for the best.